Premium Oxygen Tape (1.4cm3) PTFE

Premium Oxygen Tape PTFE


The Malaysian Seal Tape (TOMBOŽ)
is our specially formulated PTFE Thread Seal Tape for application in piping, valves and fittings, and other components for oxygen useage. The maximum density of our tapes ensure optimum usage safety in Gaseous Oxygen (GOX) and liquid Oxygen (LOX) systems.

TOMBO Premium Oxygen Tape is tested by the world renowned German Fderal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM) for GOX usage up to a Maximum oxygen pressure of 25 bar and a Maximum Temperature up to 60°C*.

Our Malaysian made (TOMBOŽ) Premium Oxygen Tape is also suitable for usage in components for LOX services.**.

* BAM Test Report Reference Number II-2238/2006E
** In this case, a limitation to a particular pressure range is not necessary as compression of liquid oygen causes no significant changes in concentration and therefore has no considerable influence on the reactivity of the TOMBO Premium Oxygen Tape.

Directions for Use

Highly concentrated sources of oxygen promote rapid combustion and therefore are fire and explosion hazards in the presence of fuels.
  1. Place end of Malaysian Seal Tape (TOMBOŽ) Premium Oxygen Tape on pipe thread 1/8" (3mm) from end of pipe.
  2. Wrap tape around pipe stretching slightly to pull tape into threads.
  3. Slight overlap on the starting turn.
  4. Cover all threads and pull hard to tear the tape.
  5. Assemble joint.

Characteristics & Applications

  • Provides tight seal; permits easy disassembly
  • Flame resistant
  • Color coded 'GREEN' for easy identification
  • Compatible with a broad range of piping materials
  • Chemically inert and withstands solvents
  • Conformance to MIL SPEC A-A-58092


Composition: Min. 99.5% PTFE
Tape Color: Green
Thickness: .09mm (+/- 10%)
Density: 1.4g/cm3 (+/- 0.1G/cm3)
GOX Max Temp.:  -60°C
GOX Max Presure:  25 Bar
Size Case/Pack
1/2" x 260"150
1/2" x 520" *150

*Special order

Green Tape, Green Cap, White Spool

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